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Criminal Law

You've been arrested.

Now what?

​Being arrested is one of the most stressful and agonizing experiences a person can go through. The system does not treat people accused of crimes with respect and it's your lawyer's job to not just tell your story, to not just educate the Court on the law and your defenses, but to make sure that your voice is heard. I am experienced in all types of criminal charges. I am particularly skillful in DUI and domestic violence matters.

Your rights matter, and I am uniquely qualified to help you protect those rights. 

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DUI / License Reinstatement

It can happen to anyone.  Know your rights!

When you get stopped for DUI, you have several rights, many of which the police don't protect or respect.  It's important that you find a lawyer who actually knows how to defend you.​

Unlike most DUI lawyers, The Maye Law Group offers a flat fee on all DUI matters, which always includes trial and any necessary pre-trial litigation.  By choosing us, you can manage all expectations upfront. 

License reinstatement:

Oftentimes, people refuse to submit to a breath or blood test during a DUI investigation. When you refuse, your driver's license is revoked.  

Many don't know this,  but you can actually get your license back if you act fast - within 7 days of arrest.  If you hire our firm, we also assist in contesting your license revocation, getting you a permit, and potentially getting your license reinstated. For more information, visit our Resources page.  Contact the Maye Law Group today at 305-926-5282.


Family Law

Family comes first.

​As a child of divorce who was directly involved in contentious custody battles for years, I know personally just how high the stakes can be in family law disputes. Whether you are going through with the difficult decision to divorce your spouse, whether you need help managing the custody of your children or whether you need someone who is going to fight to maintain the qualify of life you created with your partner, I am here for you. ​

Most importantly, I have a family myself. I adopted my two children, who were born through a complicated and cumbersome surrogacy process. When you have children, you want to protect your rights as a parent, and also make sure that their financial future is secure. I can help you plan for the future by finalizing adoption, drafting wills & trusts, or by planning your estate. Contact the Maye Law Group today at 305-926-5282.

Contract Disputes

When you have an agreement, it should be honored.

Sometimes business isn't always civil, and you're forced to protect your rights in a formal written agreement.  And sometimes disputes arise despite having entered into a written agreement. 

When you're involved in a contract dispute, it can feel like your trust has been violated.  Let me help you feel safe again and let me help you enforce your rights under the law. Contact the Maye Law Group today at 305-926-5282.


Additional services are also available on-demand.

Please inquire for more information

Additional services may include, but are not limited to, the following:


 Contact the Maye Law Group today at 305-926-5282.

The Maye Law Group Is Here for You

At The Maye Law Group, we focus on Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) DUI License Reinstatement, and Criminal Law.

We also practice and advise on Family Law, Contract Negotiation / Disputes, Mediation Defense, Arbitration Defense, Simple Conflict Dispute Resolution, and Wills & Trusts. And we can remain on-call for general advisements and legal questions. We are here to listen to you and to help you navigate the legal system.

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The Maye Law Group is committed to answering your questions about DUI, DWAI, DUI License Reinstatement, Criminal Law, and any other legal issues - including Family Law, Contract Negotiation / Disputes, Mediation Defense, Arbitration Defense, Simple Conflict Dispute Resolution, and Wills & Trusts.

We practice throughout the Denver Metro Area, as well as advise and provide transactional representation throughout the state of Colorado and in Florida.

We typically offer a 30-minute consultation on a variety of cases and will gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience. Please note, however, that not all cases qualify for a free consultation. If you are requesting consultation on a complex litigation matter, which requires document review or other discrete legal work, a paid consultation may be deemed more appropriate. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.