Sean Maye

Being a lawyer isn’t just my profession, it’s my calling. I’ve been passionate about advocating for others since I was a young boy. But most importantly, I’m a fighter with a winning record.  Since I began practicing law in 2012, I have litigated dozens of trials to verdict and have never lost. *

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I began my career as an Assistant Public Defender with the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office in Miami, Florida - first as an intern in 2012 and then as a licensed attorney in 2014. There, I served as first-chair counsel for clients charged with all degrees of misdemeanor and felony charges. I represented clients through each stage of litigation, including bond hearings, pre-trial constitutional, evidentiary and procedural motions, as well as trial, sentencing, and appeals.  

In 2017, I got married, started a family, and switched over to civil and corporate litigation.  As an Associate with Isriel Ponzoli, P.A., I specialized in first-party property insurance disputes and in defending usury challenges to a major global financing corporation’s merchant-sales agreements. In civil practice, I again specialized in trial litigation, which involved drafting persuasive contracts and settlement agreements, defending family law disputes, litigating complex DUIs, and drafting wills and other probate materials. 

My family and I relocated to Denver in 2018. When starting my career here in Colorado, it was my goal  to get to know all of the judges, and to learn Colorado law from the ground up. I joined the Denver Public Defender’s Office and, after one month of several successful DUI and domestic violence trial verdicts, was promoted to District Court. As now a seasoned District Court lawyer in Denver, I have represented clients on all felony charges, including complex Colorado Organized Crimes Act indictments (COCCA), sex assaults, and homicides.

During this time, I have also represented several individuals on personal matters, such as drafting wills, advising and resolving insurance disputes, and negotiating contracts.

* Disclaimer - Any notes concerning prior case performances or success should

NOT be construed as a promise or guarantee of similar performance or success in a future matter(s).